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Based in Byron Bay, Luke Bellows is now on tour promoting his new album “Town Fire” in a camper van with his fiance. Luke has been singing and writing music since he was a child, he plays a variety of instruments, and is deeply connected to the emotion behind the music he creates. Described as incredibly raspy, powerful, rich and dynamic.. Luke has a very unique voice. It is swollen with emotion, and it comes from a deep place inside. This quiet unassuming guy transforms on stage into a powerful presence that is inspiring, moving, and captivating to watch and listen to. A sleeping giant. In late December 2014 Luke opened the door to his private world, launching under the moniker of “Luke Bellows” he dove head first into the deep end. Releasing his debut concept-album “Keepers Chart”, then following with the release of his feature-album “Town Fire”, In less than a year he has played with numerous artists at various venues around Australia, and finished his first winter tour playing at over 30 different venues from Byron bay to Cairns. Now, having just finished writting his 3rd album which is due out in 2016, Luke is about to begin his summer tour from Cairns to Melbourne. Luke plays originals, covers, and unique medleys with a mix of folk-rock, blues, and soul on a well worn guitar and his makeshift suitcase foot drums. Between his One-Man-Band performance, his crafted storytelling, and his unique voice.. Luke creates a very special experience that is simply unforgettable.